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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: Walt       
Date: Oct 05,2003 at 07:33
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (SC)

Damn, this pissant back and forth BS has finally gotten to me!

Michael, the world does not revolve around your limited use of dir & file names, and small files. Some have to deal with TB on a dir level, not your KB on a file level. Some people also want in their opinion useful dir/file names, and do not want to use your opinion of the same. You are not logical to all. I find most of your concepts well worth mentioning and understanding, but some are just too limiting in this millenium. Last millenium, they worked. This one, they can work but others have adapted to more usability. I'm one that totaly agrees with you on spaces and special characters. Names should be short and concise, but eight is not enough. For me 15 is more enough, for others it's not.

I completely agree the "My XXX" "Douments and Settings" crap is an absolutely asinine naming convention -- but some of us have to deal with it. Especially when you eradicate the damn things even by changing EVERY occurrence in regedit, and next installation they're back!

But to topic:

In Alt-K we already have 210 and 210K display -- it's already convoluted. We need to decide to
1) keep the xxxK display, or
2) remove the xxxK display altogether.

If #1 is chosen then xxxM xxxG xxxT are logical extensions of this display and the code does already exist (that's where the K comes from, buckos, the code has to decide to do the divide, it's not really magic)

If #2, then Michael does not have to think any further when the K is seen and add the ,000 so he can ignore it.

In other words, look at what we've got and fix it one way or the other. Do not leave it as it is!

I fully support the option of allowing M, G, T. It makes sense. To fight this and still allow the K display is asinine.

a very frustrated forum reader

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