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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: Juergen Hestermann       
Date: Oct 02,2003 at 20:57
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (Ramon Ebdon)

> what to do about representing tagged files, you can still have M or K
> or B or G (et al) on the right hand side of the Treestats column, but
> replace the curly bracket on the left with a diamond to indicate
> "tagged" file stats rather than "all". (The same
> diamond used to indicate tagged files now)

There are three different brackets indicating different modes:
[ = Branch
( = Directory
{ = not fully logged.
so you cannot replace them by one character.

> Or the diamond could be displayed *inside* the curly bracket column (this
> is probably better). While that is going to chew up a character of screen
> space in KB mode, you could simply drop a comma if required.

That would be possible.

> Long term (wishful thinking) solution could be to dynamically change the
> ones that have too many characters to the next resizing option down,
> indicated by the character to the right, or remove commas even(probably
> better), but I dare say that idea will cause some people to have
> conniptions.

I am not sure whether dynamic units are useful. You would loose the ability to find out quickly the outstanding largest numbers because of their length. Maybe dynamic units could be one option in the list additionally to fixed units.

> I've yet to hear a decent reason why my idea would not be relatively
> simple to implement given that I have outlined how it could work quite
> easily using the slightest change to *existing* functionality.

Of course, it would be not so very hard to code but still the above questions have to be answered before anything can happen.


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