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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: Ramon Ebdon       
Date: Oct 02,2003 at 19:00
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (Juergen Hestermann)

> I think it was Ramon's post
> http://www.ztw3.com/archive/014/archive.cgi??read=51133 which turned it all on to
> Alt+K.

> Of course, you could think of other places to change the units. There is
> just a fundamental difference between Alt+K and other file size displays:
> The unit for Alt+K is currently fixed to kilobyte (and could therefore
> quite simply be changed to other units) but statistics and file displays
> use variable units so that the available space can be used to display as
> many digits as possible. Changing *these* displays to a fixed unit would
> be a more general change and much more coding effort.

> J├╝rgen.

I never wanted anything else changed apart from the Alt+K TreeStats figure (and unit).
Someone else mentioned that, possibly misreading one of my quotes.

what to do about representing tagged files, you can still have M or K or B or G (et al) on the right hand side of the Treestats column, but replace the curly bracket on the left with a diamond to indicate "tagged" file stats rather than "all". (The same diamond used to indicate tagged files now)
Or the diamond could be displayed *inside* the curly bracket column (this is probably better). While that is going to chew up a character of screen space in KB mode, you could simply drop a comma if required.
In MB mode you would actually GAIN 3 characters, even if 1 is used to show tagged stats instead.
In Bytes mode, well, you'd have to give up commas > 9,999,999,999Bytes (10 billion Bytes or more).

This TreeStats feature is *GOING* to run into a problem when > 1 TerraByte is on a single drive anyway. Unfortunately, I dont have a > 1 TB drive available yet, but it's not far away.
Long term (wishful thinking) solution could be to dynamically change the ones that have too many characters to the next resizing option down, indicated by the character to the right, or remove commas even(probably better), but I dare say that idea will cause some people to have conniptions.

I've yet to hear a decent reason why my idea would not be relatively simple to implement given that I have outlined how it could work quite easily using the slightest change to *existing* functionality.

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