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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: Ramon Ebdon       
Date: Oct 01,2003 at 20:59
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (Michael Kahn)

> You want insight into what obviously ignores common sense? You call a
> statement like "Why have the ABILITY to have 256 chars in a dir name
> if you cant *USE* it ?" worthly support of your originally idea? You
> are the one that doesn't like to have to look a number such 150,234,567
> and think that it is approximately 150MB.

Its not 150MB, and I know its not 150MB, i know its somewhat less than that, but I dont know exactly how many MB. While its true that it's closer to 146,713KB, its still not correct when referring to MB. It's 143.28MB.
There are plenty of situations where needing to know a figure apart from

> No less ridiculous than your above quoted statement regarding the 256
> character limit.

While ridiculous, very long filenames and dirnames is within the functionality of the curent filesystem formats.
Yes, it was explicitly off topic considering only my original suggestion, however, it was a factor in the benefits to my suggestion since you would get more screen space to display those long dir names (if you use them).

And regarding your comment: "why have the ABILITY to go 180mph if you can't *USE* it? The "ABILITY" to do something unwise is not a mandate to do so."
Given that your can can do 180mph, you are certainly able to do that if you wish.
(At those speeds, it would be within controlled conditions of course)
While this is not something that everyone would want to do, it is still doable, so why blank out the speedo for all speeds above 60mph ?

> First of all the Windows default dir name is "C:\WINNT", well
> within 8.3.

The default folder "WINNT" only applies to Windows NT and Windows 2000.
All other Windows flavours (including XP) use "WINDOWS".
As far as being 8.3, well yes, it has to. Windows (all versions) basic install is from a non LFN compatible operating system. So we're stuck with 2 sets of filenames. One is descriptive, the other is not.
Some people choose to be descriptive, some people choose cryptics.

> No, but you can glance at a number representing bytes and get the
> non-detail of mb that you prefer. If you find this difficult (with comma
> delimiters that make it simple) than you do have a problem, but Ztree does
> not.

"MB" is not a non-detail since it provides an exact detail for when I require it. I have 700MB cd's, packaged and sold as 700MB. Not 716,800KB. I have 10MB of webspace for my homepage and email, not 10,240KB or even 10,000KB.
My shared filesystem quotas revolve around 350MB or 500MB, not 307,200KB or 512,000KB.
The point being that the reference to "space used" is vastly more useful to me described as MB rather than KB since that is the way they are "used". Hence the whole point of the suggestion.

> You were talking about "details" and I think the place for that
> is not in the title.

It was a complementary comment about a side benefit gained by not using up screen space when you didnt have to.

> I don't have to "analyse" directories that I name. Perhaps
> examples of some dir names will help me understand your point.

If you've ever had to work in a shared environment, you'd understand my pain about long pathnames (and the users who create them).

> I said I have short dir names, so how is this an illustration of a name I
> might create? I'm serious, when you offer exaggerated nonsense like this
> as a comeback you don't help your case.
> No, the above borders on a lame personal attack from someone who has run
> out of logic.
> And this is perhaps an example of what you mean by a dir name with
> "details"?

I didnt say it was a dir name you would create. In fact, it wasnt supposed to be a dir name at all. You stated that spaces & vowels are not always required.
I was merely pointing out that they are required if you dont actually know what it means and/or you didnt write it yourself.
(Neither was the explanation of the "example" a dir name.)

> I have a directory named "CmptrRm". Do you think I need to
> rename it to "notes regarding Computer Room operations"? I
> really don't have a problem with "ComputerRoom", but I was just
> in a vowel-less mood, I guess, when I created it and I never felt the need
> to change it. Actually, I usually leave the vowels in when the name is
> less 13 characters and I never ever use spaces in dir or filenames.

If you needed notes about the computer rooms operations, then you would have: \ComputerRoom\Operations\Notes
If you have a lot of notes (those bloody users again), you would need even more sorting:

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