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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: SC       
Date: Oct 01,2003 at 17:42
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (Michael Kahn)

> You want insight into what obviously ignores common sense? You call a
> statement like "Why have the ABILITY to have 256 chars in a dir name
> if you cant *USE* it ?" worthly support of your originally idea? You
> are the one that doesn't like to have to look a number such 150,234,567
> and think that it is approximately 150MB.

> No less ridiculous than your above quoted statement regarding the 256
> character limit.

> First of all the Windows default dir name is "C:\WINNT", well
> within 8.3. Also, I have zero files in "Temporatory Internet
> Files" because I use Opera and not the lame Rectangle.

> No, but you can glance at a number representing bytes and get the
> non-detail of mb that you prefer. If you find this difficult (with comma
> delimiters that make it simple) than you do have a problem, but Ztree does
> not.

> You were talking about "details" and I think the place for that
> is not in the title.

> I don't have to "analyse" directories that I name. Perhaps
> examples of some dir names will help me understand your point.

> I said I have short dir names, so how is this an illustration of a name I
> might create? I'm serious, when you offer exaggerated nonsense like this
> as a comeback you don't help your case.

> No, the above borders on a lame personal attack from someone who has run
> out of logic.

> And this is perhaps an example of what you mean by a dir name with
> "details"?

> I have a directory named "CmptrRm". Do you think I need to
> rename it to "notes regarding Computer Room operations"? I
> really don't have a problem with "ComputerRoom", but I was just
> in a vowel-less mood, I guess, when I created it and I never felt the need
> to change it. Actually, I usually leave the vowels in when the name is
> less 13 characters and I never ever use spaces in dir or filenames.

> ../Michael


It's come to my attention you are a whiny bitch.

- Scott out.

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