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My My:-)   [General]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Oct 01,2003 at 14:16
In Response to: My My:-) (Michael Kahn)

> So what, I have never had a single file in any of these directories.
> (except "sample.jpg" in "My Pictures", which came
> installed with the OS.

I'm still keeping your orignal comment in focus
> why not try to make shorter dir names? Giving up spaces and some vowels
> does wonders

and would dearly love to replace 'program files' with 'programs' 'Application Data' with 'apps'. and all those spaces created by various applications' auto installations, but consider it wiser to leave them be.

One of the most puzzling habits of installers is that habit of adding hidden subdirectoies of WINNT in which to place certain temporary files created during the running of an app.

Take for example
The application SKI PRO automatically creates
and when setting up a particular 3rd party app to run inside SKI PRO it is required to manually create the subdirectory '\winter' at the end of this branch into which are placed temporary files

There is no way to change the location of this directory. These temp files are sometimes needed to be accessed.

My quesion is why do they need to be placed in a branch of the directory which contains the OS? There must be some gain. but as far I see it just confuses things in the same fashion as placing dll files in WINNT\system32

> The M$ (and the followers thereof) debris that sits in the directories you
> refer to is about 40 files that are not visited by me.

Maybe that the way to go, let them be created, never use them even if it means creating a similar directory in each user profile adjacent to the 'My etc' such as 'Documents\Photo' and 'Documents\Music'

I wonder if there is any setting in the registry which has something like %documents%= My Documents. I'll have a look

I rememeber you saying that you change My Computer to Local, but that would also require some changes to the registry , yes?


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