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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: Walter Rassbach       
Date: Oct 01,2003 at 07:54
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (SC)

> What's wrong with a little bit of convienience and options for the user?

> 423,312,321,111 seems nothing short of ridiculous to me.

> as for performance hits - it should be OPTIONAL, I've got a 3000mhz
> machine here....... lets be realistic.....

I never said anything about performance, just about screen space.

However, "options" are no where near free. There has to be code that is executed every time to see which way the option is set (in other words, for pretty much ever number displayed), and that code gets executed on everyone's machine, not just yours, and many of us don't run exclusively on fast machines (i have something like 6, from 266 all the way up) -- ZTree is for all of us and we have to recognize that other people run in other environments. To be honest, it would be a nightmare to program and maintain and will lead to endless buglets (well, Kim may make me eat those words, because my guess is that he has most of that stuff nicely isolated and encapsulated).

The other problem with "options" is that they lead quickly to bloat (which also costs time in terms of loading and memory resource usage, both of which ZTree is outstanding about). Kim has done an unimaginable job in being very careful about what options he has implemented, trading function against cost very well.

You can try to make a functional case why planting "mbytes" rather than the "noise" digits is better function and people will listen to those arguments with fairly open minds (well, Michael might be an exception ;-). However, a purely personal esthetic argument that the extra digits are a bother is gonna fail on deafer ears since there are clear usages (admitedly by only some of us) where having that information is useful -- In other words, you are going to have to come up with a stronger argument than: "I don't like it".

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