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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: Michael Kahn       
Date: Oct 01,2003 at 00:21
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (Ramon Ebdon)

> So, you're saying that the precision level is irrelevant, since you
> actually just use 1000 as your mental divider anyway.
> Which means you can do away with another 4 characters of screen space. ie:
> ",000" to change "KB" to "KB/1000 = MB".

No I did not - in your example the last 4 characters were zeros! I was pointing how you (or anyone else) could easily get your reduced precision figure by simply ignoring the last 4 characters.

> Which also has a benefit of 4 more chars on a Dir Name before it gets
> truncated when you have the stats on and the dir name/path is Greater than
> the width of your Directories column.

I have no such problem with dir names.

> So, therefore this change/feature would 1: save screen space, 2: remove an
> almost subconcious mental (incorrect) thought process.
> 734,000KB wont fit on a 700MB cd
> 716,000KB would ... but then, if you had 700(.00)MB, it'd be much simpler
> to glance at.

Using zeros for the last 3 digits to try and prove your point is bogus. You are trying to argue that the precision that you have removed by rounding to 1000's of K shows that I would not be loosing precision if it was gone by going from K to mb.

> And as I said in my original post, you could have Bytes(PRECISION),
> KBytes, MBytes, GBytes, TBytes .... ALL available from the *same*
> screen/EXISTING feature.

You did not say how this was to be done. A toggle? Which key would you like to burn for this? Who besides you wants this. There is virutally no practical use for the vast majority of Ztree users to continually knowing continually knowing how many TBbytes of data they have.

> Of course not, but then, you only notice something when you need it/it's
> in your way/it's not working etc....
> I did mention that this could work as a purely *OPTIONAL* feature.
> Something you would enable *when you needed it*.

IOW, the YACO graveyard will sequester another piece of FC.


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