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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: Ramon Ebdon       
Date: Sep 30,2003 at 14:25
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (Michael Kahn)

> When I "glance" at this I see 1,500mb (using 1000 multiplies) -
> don't you?

So, you're saying that the precision level is irrelevant, since you actually just use 1000 as your mental divider anyway.
Which means you can do away with another 4 characters of screen space. ie: ",000" to change "KB" to "KB/1000 = MB".
Which also has a benefit of 4 more chars on a Dir Name before it gets truncated when you have the stats on and the dir name/path is Greater than the width of your Directories column.

So, therefore this change/feature would 1: save screen space, 2: remove an almost subconcious mental (incorrect) thought process.
734,000KB wont fit on a 700MB cd
716,000KB would ... but then, if you had 700(.00)MB, it'd be much simpler to glance at.

> Alt+K shows me K which is less precision than bytes. And this display is
> fine when I just need this lower level of precision; for example, when I
> compare a CD backup and the source Branch(es).

And as I said in my original post, you could have Bytes(PRECISION), KBytes, MBytes, GBytes, TBytes .... ALL available from the *same* screen/EXISTING feature.

> And I suppose you always have all this logged at one time?

Of course not, but then, you only notice something when you need it/it's in your way/it's not working etc....
I did mention that this could work as a purely *OPTIONAL* feature.
Something you would enable *when you needed it*.


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