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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: Michael Kahn       
Date: Sep 30,2003 at 13:55
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (Ramon Ebdon)

> Theres nothing wrong with my dir structures, I just personally would
> prefer to be able to see at a glance the number of MB a dir is rather than
> how many KB it is.
> Everything takes up more room as time goes on, the avg game fully
> installed is in excess of 1,500,000KB now (which is far more simply
> described as 1,500MB ?)

When I "glance" at this I see 1,500mb (using 1000 multiplies) - don't you?

> If you WANT precision, it's just a simple: Alt+K, S, If you WANT basic
> overview of the amount of data in a (sub)dir, you want MB or even GB, and
> since a change is being done, why not throw in GB and TB too ...

Alt+K shows me K which is lessprecision than bytes. And this display is fine when I just need this lower level of precision; for example, when I compare a CD backup and the source Branch(es).

> My work has network drives running into multiple TerraBytes, thats
> 1,000,000,000KB in KB speak.

And I suppose you always have all this logged at one time?


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