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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: Michael Kahn       
Date: Sep 30,2003 at 09:15
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (SC)

> I see nothing wrong with 22.19mb telling me there's approx 190kb in the
> dir
If I have mb, then I don't care about Kbytes. If I have bytes I can easily eyeball Mb and Kbytes. If you exceed the limit of the bytes field, Ztree already does the conversion for you to Kbytes.

> - sure seeing 22,190,124 is all fine and dandy but I'd like to be able
> to switch.

Do you care about the impact this might have on performance?

> Surely he could hack off the trailing 3 or 6 digits and just change bytes
> / kbytes / mbytes?

Surely you can look at just the first 3 and 6 digits and ignore the rest.

How about a significant/frequently needed "real world" example of how mb would displayed would make a difference than having bytes/Kbytes displayed. Once a month I like to know if a certain group of files will fit on a 700mb CD. I prefer the 1024 byte multiple, so I go to eXecute and do "calc xxxxxxxxxxx/1048576=mb (and you can store the value in history). or bytes/(1024*1024).


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