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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: SC       
Date: Sep 30,2003 at 12:40
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (Michael Kahn)

> There is, and if "K" is not even seen then you don't have as
> many "mb" as you think you have.

> And when you are dealing with individual files and set of files, it would
> be more than a "bit" (no pun intended :) ridiculous to see the
> size in mb. If all you do is copy the contents of one drive to another,
> then of course mb is all you need. If on the other hand, you are doing
> "file/dir management", then bytes and Kbytes are better in most
> cases. If you have many mb or a gb in your directories, then most likely
> you could benefit from creating meaningful subdirectories .

> ../Michael

We should have the choice of MB / KB

I see nothing wrong with 22.19mb telling me there's approx 190kb in the dir - sure seeing 22,190,124 is all fine and dandy but I'd like to be able to switch.

Surely he could hack off the trailing 3 or 6 digits and just change bytes / kbytes / mbytes?

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