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MB instead of KB view.   [General]

By: Michael Kahn       
Date: Sep 30,2003 at 12:07
In Response to: MB instead of KB view. (SC)

> I'm wondering when it will be possible to display data as MB rather than
> KB in Ztree,...

When you can convince M$ to change the Dir command. ;-)

> Sure we all lived by KB back in the day on Xtree 3.0 and all, but it's
> 2003 now and I'm working primarily with gigs and gigs of data.

So do I but I need the percision because I work with it at the files level.

> I'd like to propose the following.
> My current D: reads
> 13,680,845,824 bytes free
> I'd like it to say
> 13,680.85 mbytes free

I like the precision and find it very useful. Look at your example and tell me how hard it is easy to eyeball mb from the number of bytes - something you can't do the other way around.

If I ever want to know the mb of a large file I use 4NT:

:: CurFilMB.btm
:: displays filesize of the highlighted file
:: (in Ztree) in both bytes and Megabytes.
SET _curfil=%@FILENAME[%1]

ECHO %_curfil
ECHO %@FILESIZE[%_curfil,bc] b

IFF %@FILESIZE[%_curfil,M]=1 THEN
ECHO %@EVAL[%@FILESIZE[%_curfil,b]/1048576=3] M
ECHO %@FILESIZE[%_curfil,Mc] M
ECHO %@EVAL[%@FILESIZE[%_curfil,b]/1048576=3] M



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