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Binary Compare Programs and Enhancements   [WishList]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Aug 07,1999 at 06:00
In Response to: Some other wishes (Kai Reese)

> I'm searching for a better binary compare
> programm, too.
> What programs does the other users prefer ?

If you don't mind using a GUI program, try "Beyond Compare" from Scooter software. This program will first show you side-by-side color-coded name and date differences of two directory structures, for easy and controlled synchronization. Then it can do a binary compare on all or selected files in two directory structures or entire drives. It also has a rudimentary edit capability for side-by-side "difference editing" of text files, and it has a side-by-side version viewer add-in for registered users. Download a free 30 day evaluation from:


There are several features of this program which I hope Kim finds time to add to ZTree at some point. Some of the compare issues we have discussed are:

- Separate the binary compare from the normal compare toggles and make it a separate function, (perhaps "J" in the directory window), so that we can accomplish "and/or" comparing.

- Add the ability to do binary compares of directory structures from the directory window, (perhaps Alt-J).

- Add the ability to do binary compares of tagged files from the file window, (perhaps Ctrl-J).

- Add a Version Compare capability.

- Add the I/U/N/O options to Alt-Compare.

- Have Compare-Identical cycle through four options: yes, no, date, size.

For a more lengthy discussion of some of these see the thread started by Kim last February at:


I think file comparing is one of the major advantages of ZTree over other file managers, and adding these capabilities would make it just that much better than anything else available, (GUI or not).


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