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[Bugs] Alt-Sort Unsorted   [Zeta]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Oct 19,2021 at 01:49
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.202 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

I've reported on the previous build the DMode Alt-Sort bugs as fixed because the most important sorting issues are fixed in this build and look good now. Thanks Kim!

The remaining issues I see are with Unsorted. In DMode the Path (On/Off) toggle changes the sort sequence. Like in FMode, this should not occur. There should be only one "Unsorted" sequence, regardless of any other sort specs. That order should be the default order produced by the volume's file system.

The Help file says:

"Unsorted - Sequence as written in the disk directory, regardless of any sort options (below)."

That was written in the FAT32 days. On an NTFS volume the default order of files and directories is name sequence. So I think Help should be changed to say something like:

"Unsorted - Default sequence produced by the file system, regardless of any sort options (below)."

The best way to find what Alt-Sort Unsorted is doing is to test it on a FAT volume on which directories and files have not been written in name sequence. To see the default unsorted order I use the DIR command with the /B and /S options. I add /AD to see only the directories, and /A-D to show only the files.

Testing Unsorted on a FAT32 volume, here's what I find:

DMode Path (Off): Directories are sorted by name.

DMode Path (On): Directories are in Path sequence, but sorted by name within paths.

FMode Path (On) or (Off): Files are in written sequence, but within name-sorted directories.

None of those results are the actual unsorted FAT32 sequence.

The issue with sorting the FMode directories is not new. In fact it's what XTree was also doing, so ZTree is simply replicating the XTree behavior, and it appears to be carrying it forward into DMode. I realize of course this is not likely causing a problem for anyone, but it's inconsistent with any definition of "unsorted" so I think it should be fixed.

To summarize, there are two issues:

1. In DMode Unsorted, the Path (On/Off) setting should be ignored.

2. In FMode and DMode Unsorted, ZTree should not sort the directories by name.

In all cases, Unsorted should list the directories and their files in the default order produced by the volume's file system, and all other sort options ignored.

- John

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