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Did you want duplicate by name and not duplicate by relative path?   [Wish]

By: David Wall       
Date: Apr 12,2021 at 12:48
In Response to: Did you want duplicate by name and not duplicate by relative path? (Ben Kent)

> DW, Alt-Compare is doing branch compare for me
> Using normal and not Directory mode
> F8 split enable
> Esc to DW
> Left hand pane C:\Users\Username
> Right hand pane C:\Users\Default
> Highlight C:\Users\Username in the left hand directory window
> Alt-C
> get
> COMPARE branch: C:\Users\Username
> with: C:\Users\Default
> Press return get
> COMPARE branch: C:\Users\KentB with C:\Users\Default
> tag: Identical (name )
> Press return
> Takes a while to process
> A number of files that have identical relative paths are tagged.
I did exactly the above - F8 split - left navigate to d:\Mingw\DirA & * to log all files - tab to RH pane - navigate to d:\Mingw\DirB & * to log all files.
Tab back to left pane & Alt C & get Compare d:\Mingw\DirA with d:\Mingw\DirB
tag Identical No - all the others are No also - I want to see what files are different
All I get are the 6 files in DirA that do not exist in DirB - however:
There is 1 file in d:\Mingw\DirA\FolderA that is different to an identically named one in d:\Mingw\DirB\FolderA but it doesn't get tagged.

If I change the tag to Identical Dt&Sz then all the other files get tagged EXCEPT that one file - so maybe I should use that option - but it doesn't feel right.

Anyway - somewhat moot point since I've started using Winmerge.

Thanks anyway.


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