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tested - Similar here   [Bug]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Apr 01,2021 at 09:55
In Response to: [Bug] Treespec navigation (Manarek)

> navigating from e.g.
> C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive\Temp to
> C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive\ (from higher level to lower in the same path)

Do you mean C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive\Temp as a level higher than C:\Users\xxx\OneDrive ?
'Higher' was misleading me at first. Perhaps 'deeper' is clearer. ZTW.HLP chapter 2.9 (Alt-Log 1-9) talks about 'down' btw.

> with combination using Alt and History (in history is a variable %OneDriveConsumer%).
> If in History is saved a string with normal path without variable, it works,
> but with any variable containing percent, the navigation doesn't jump to the lower level
> and stays in the same place.

First, I can only reproduce it by retrieving the marked Treespec History item via Ctrl-letter.
(With Alt-letter the variable is expanded immediately, which is not what we want I guess, as it
 wouldn't make any difference to a non-percent-saved history item).

I tested this:
My environment variable %TMP% contains "D:\TMP". I've assigned it to letter Q in Treespec.
When I enter Treespec (with F5 Edit =Yes) and hit Ctrl-Q, followed by existing subdirs 1 or 2 levels deeper,
I get this:

-Entry- -ZTree jumps to-
Ctrl-Q 01 D:\TMP\01
Ctrl-Q 01\02 D:\TMP\01\02
Ctrl-Q 01 D:\TMP\01\02 (does NOT move)
Ctrl-Q 01\ D:\TMP\01 (moves however)
So I can reproduce an odditiy in moving levels up (less deep), but only
- when F5 Edit =Yes
- when I don't type a backslash as last entry -- IOW a trailing backslash cures the oddity.

Does this fit to your experience?

Anyone else seeing this?


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