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I refresh manually   [ZEP]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Mar 31,2021 at 19:37
In Response to: I refresh manually (Peter Shute)

> I always refresh manually. If it could do it quickly using the
> notifications, I suppose it would be helpful, but I've often found it
> handy that I can see it as a snapshot in time before I refresh.

I also configure for manual refreshes, mostly for performance.
If you are using ZLog files you might want to work in the snapshot in time, particurally if the underlying drive doesn't exist.

> Would the notifications work well for an entire file system? Or are
> they designed for looking at a single level at a time?

The ReadDirectoryChangesW API uses _FILE_NOTIFY_INFORMATION, which has FileName, which is
A variable-length field that contains the file name relative to the directory handle. The file name is in the Unicode character format and is not null-terminated.

So if the root directory was registered, then notifications should be retrived for the whole drive.
Given that maybe have a new ZTree command to register for the events at a given directory, then the user could chose what to focus on, which should help with performance because the user could avoide busy areas of a filesystem.

I sugested the ZEP because I know the API exists, and that many people disable auto refreshes for various reasons, and having a stale data flag could stop unnecessary refreshes.



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