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Show us your colors   [Help!]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Mar 21,2021 at 04:48
In Response to: Hi Slobodan - colors meaning (Zdenek Hladik)

> .. on DOS CGA there were 16 colors only , but
> now we have nice palette, so why not tune it up to enhance visual
> harmony...

Indeed Zdenek why not show us what you recommend.

Each of the sixteen colors available for ztw can be user modified by changing the Red Blue Green numbers 0-255.

To change those numbers open the console mode menu at tip left of ztw window and select properties colours and play with the numbers.

When you have some enhanced visual harmony please send us a few screen shots and the numbers for each of the sixteen colours.

My first look at the task suggested the way to start is for the first 8 colours to be background and the next 8 for text and line work. Good contrast is importance is important for ease of readability.

Darker blue tones for background and light colours for text is most easy on my eyes. IIRC there was some very old ophthalmological study which more or less agreed. ( back in the 16 color VGA days).



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