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Apps returning to primary monitor after "Turn off the display" delay   [Bug]

By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Mar 14,2021 at 10:19
In Response to: Apps returning to primary monitor after "Turn off the display" delay (Ben Kent)

Hi Ben,

> RE: this bit
> > I’ve had a nagging suspicion it could
> > be related to my multimonitor setup, since Windows itself
> occasionally
> > gets confused, and moves windows from one monitor to another after
> > (un)locking the desktop — it sometimes leaves the window where it
> was,
> > but moves the corresponding taskbar button to another monitor.
> After reading this and some experiments
> https://superuser.com/questions/1292435/...s-to-primary-monitor-after-sleep-lock
> The "moving apps to the primary monitor" issue occurs after the
> "Turn off the display" delay, i.e. it's the act of waking the monitors
> up that is the root cause, and not the unlock (switching winstations).

You’re right, I expressed myself rather sloppily. The problem occurs when the monitor has (been) switched off or disconnected, and needs to wake up again.
My main external monitor takes a long time to wake up; and it looks like Windows has already repositioned most windows before it becomes aware of that monitor, and re-integrates it into the desktop.

Thanks for the link, I’ll see if the tool listed works for me.

> None of the tricks listed on the link above resolved the issue for me
> apart from setting "Turn off the display" to be very high or off, which
> I don't want to do.
> Also I find that Citrix seamless published applications can get messed
> up (they get the Citrix client icon) after returning from a break, so I
> get in the habit of minimizing all before a break, which helps.

So do I, but windows get moved around even when minimized. I don’t use a lot of Citrix applications — the only one I do use, I close immediately after finishing with it.
Also, I often tend to forget to minimize windows before leaving my computer.

> Some of the comments imply that the issue could be with mixing
> DisplayPort and other connection types, I have a pair or matched
> monitors, but not matching connectors, Windows monitor 1 on DisplayPort,
> monitor 2 on HDMI.

Both my external monitors are connected via HDMI; though the main monitor is plugged directly into the laptop's HDMI port, and the secondary external monitor is connected to an HDMI adapter on the laptop's USB-C port.



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