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[Docs] 3.14 Auxiliary Files and "relocatable configuration" locations   [BETA]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Mar 13,2021 at 12:26
In Response to: [BETA] v2.4.199 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

While investigating this https://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=123400, I successfully used ext.BAT files in my ZTree user configuration directory "%AppData%\ZTreeWin", but at first glance the help file doesn't say that would work.

IMPORTANT: Starting with build 2.4.31, under Vista/Windows 7,8 & 10, all user files (ZTW.HST etc.)
will be written to the current users' profile directory at %APPDATA%\ZTreeWin, *if* ZTree is
itself installed under 'Program Files'. This is to avoid installation issues related to UAC
and remove reliance on the VirtualStore.

Help file: 3.14 Auxiliary Files
The following file may be located in either the ZTreeWin installation
directory, or the #ZTTools directory.
ext.BAT Where "ext" is a file extension, use these batch files to ...

Help file: 3.4.2 Environment Variables
%#ZTTools% - Path set by the Alt-F10 configuration option "#ZTTools
path". Can be used to access commonly-used utility
programs, without having to set a PATH variable for
them. If not set, this defaults to the short path
name of the installation directory of the currently
running ZTreeWin program (ZTW.EXE).

Please make some help file updates, to improve the relevant sections, at least these

Section 3.14 Auxiliary Files
Please merge in the BETA.TXT text into the "relocatable configuration" sub-section.
State that the #ZTTools defaults to the re-locatable configuration directory
Given the "alternate configuration" and BETA.TXT text, maybe the "3.14 Auxiliary Files" needs a bigger reformatting/rewriting to make things clearer.

Section 3.4.2 Environment Variables
Merge in a rewrite of some of the BETA.TXT text

My config in-case it helps

Outside of ZTree ""=="%#ZTTools%"

Configuration program
Commandline="C:\Program Files\ZTree Windows\ZTW64.EXE" /m /y /zb /zv%AppData%\ZTreeWin\%ComputerName%.ZLOG
Working direcory=""
Re-locatable configuration files in "%AppData%\ZTreeWin" and also not in "C:\Program Files\ZTree Windows"



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