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Apps returning to primary monitor after "Turn off the display" delay   [Bug]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Mar 10,2021 at 11:16
In Response to: Try /MAX:-1:-2 (Martijn Coppoolse)


RE: this bit

> I’ve had a nagging suspicion it could
> be related to my multimonitor setup, since Windows itself occasionally
> gets confused, and moves windows from one monitor to another after
> (un)locking the desktop — it sometimes leaves the window where it was,
> but moves the corresponding taskbar button to another monitor.

After reading this and some experiments

The "moving apps to the primary monitor" issue occurs after the "Turn off the display" delay, i.e. it's the act of waking the monitors up that is the root cause, and not the unlock (switching winstations).

None of the tricks listed on the link above resolved the issue for me apart from setting "Turn off the display" to be very high or off, which I don't want to do.
Also I find that Citrix seamless published applications can get messed up (they get the Citrix client icon) after returning from a break, so I get in the habit of minimizing all before a break, which helps.

Some of the comments imply that the issue could be with mixing DisplayPort and other connection types, I have a pair or matched monitors, but not matching connectors, Windows monitor 1 on DisplayPort, monitor 2 on HDMI.

As the graphics card has DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, and the monitors VDA, DisplayPort, HDMI.
If I can find a DVI cable I might try this setup, to see if it helps.
monitor 1 on DVI (graphics card) via adapter into HDMI (monitor)
monitor 2 on HDMI both ends.
Doing that will lose sound on the DVI connected monitor, that is not a problem for me as I have desk speakers.



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