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[ZEP] Viewer File Info toggle   [ZEP]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Jan 11,2021 at 01:06

The new feature in v2.4.198 to display file info on the top Viewer border can certainly be helpful at times, as several users have agreed.

However, in my case at least, I don't need this info very often, and find it very distracting to have it always displayed right above the first line of text in the viewed file. I think the lack of that solid line above the first line of text detracts from and spoils the plain text display.

To use a word Slobodan used when he first proposed this here:
I think it 'ruins' the appearance of the Viewer.

I would much prefer this to be a toggle, with the default being 'off'.

In fact, I believe both Slobodan and Hartmut expected it to be a toggle. Here are a couple of quotes from that thread:

"...(toggled via Shift+I?) seems a tempting FC to me."

"I'd switch it on often, if not leave it open the whole session."

And after release, Slobodan:
"Let it be known that it is not a toggle, unlike L(ine)."

So I'm proposing that [I]nfo be added to the Viewer menu to toggle this when needed. Shift-[I]nfo would therefore be used in F7-Autoview.

The Ruler should take priority as it does now, in effect hiding or overlaying the Info. For example, if the [I]nfo state is toggled on while the Ruler is on, the Info would not be seen until the Ruler is turned off.

- John


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