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[General] F11 and F12 key usage ???   [General]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Dec 18,2020 at 12:20
In Response to: [General] F11 and F12 key usage ??? (Bob Selby)

> Is there a way to disable ZTree from intercepting F11 and/or F12 ??
> I rarely, if ever use these and would like to reassign them to another
> app.
> Best regards and Merry Xmas,

> Bob

I remember how exciting it was when the record-a-keystroke-macro tool was being developed and what F key to assign it to. I used it for the odd task for many years. It prevented YACO quite often too:-)
though I confess I haven't used it ( or F12) for a few years now.
The usual suspects were in the fray


But wooo I reach for F11 daily

Interesting how MO's vary

That time of year again eh... .... what a year 2020 has been. Sydney was just doin fine ... weeks without a local COVID case then whammo' yesterday a week before Xmas we get a cluster and contract tracers are racing to contain it. Mind you I am talking about a total of about 20 cases in 24 hrs among a population of 5million . Not so scary compared to other places.

Take care y'all... stay safe


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