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[Discuss] UNC support - what chance ever?   [Discuss]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Dec 10,2020 at 09:21
In Response to: [Discuss] UNC support - what chance ever? (Peter Shute)

> What are the chances ZTree will ever allow logging of UNC paths
> instead of using drive letters? Or at least logging via a temporarily
> allocated drive letter?
> I assume this has been discussed many times before, but a quick search
> didn't find anything.


If you do a search (top right) for "log UNC" you will get many results.

This is my first post on the subject https://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=3129

This one explains how ytree maps paths on *nix https://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=118173 and so ZTree could follow that.

From memory that is the longest running ZEP that I'm interested in that hasn't yet been implemented.
And I still need it.

What chance there might be?
I suspect low given that the frequency of Kim's posts has slowed down, and I suspect handling UNC's would cause major code changes and functionality impacts.

Functionality impacts
How to handle %2:%3, currently %2 is the drive letter without the colon, if a UNC is logged then %2 should be the share, or the deeper path that was logged (we need to decide), and then how to handle old history and F9 menu items that reference %2:? . magically change them on the fly, or have an option in config and/or command line that tells ZTree if %2 should include a : for drive letters, then people who want to handle UNC's could enable the option, but they would need to update their history and F9 menu items.
Object model changes, to be able to store a UNC path where currently a single drive letter is stored. So the Alt-ZLOG file format would need a revision.
Log, related commands and histories, would need functional updates.
Maybe some other work might be needed.

Some work has already been done, UNC paths can be used for the destination of many commands (copy, move, etc.)



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