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i got the footage from CNBC   [OT]

By: Ryan       
Date: Mar 13,2020 at 09:18
In Response to: i have few questions about coronavirus (Laurent Duchastel)


ok it was not from CNN, and it was from CNBC, i saw the same footage without the stock report on the left.

at 4:35, he said somthing about 0.2~ 0.4%., and he said normal seasonal flu kills 25000~69000 americans a year. and i thought he said about 67500 tolls last year but i couldnt find it.

> We can actually end worldwide with less than 100,000, or 50,000 or even
> less with all the drastic measures actually taken.

so 50000~100000 death worldwide due to supposedly nasty corinavirus is WAY too little. it could be maybe millions and more, if a normal influenza can kill 20000 deaths per 100 million people on american average.

i am quite sure normal influenza could cause the similar death rate for those who are old.

so they didnt get bothered by the normal fatality rate before, why bother more now?


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