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Directory Mode %4.%5   [Zeta]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Jun 28,2019 at 21:01
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.187 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

Currently when in the Directory Mode File Window, the %4 & %5 Batch Parameters contain the name & extension of the highlighted directory.

While I agree with the logic of the DM commands treating directories as files as much as possible, I think the %4 & %5 parameters should be reserved for file names only.

The sequence %2:%3\%4.%5 should always be the same as %1. Currently in DM it repeats the directory name after including it in the %3 path. This is inconsistent. Either it's a directory or a file, it can't be both.

We have %n.%e to represent the directory name and extension. Including it in %4.%5 is redundant, and could result in batch and F9 menu scripts attempting to act on these directories as files.

This may raise a question regarding %8. The %8 short name has never been blank in the Tree Window, so it's consistent to continue to show the short directory name here when in the DM. There is no short directory path equivalent to %3, so there is no way to cause a short-name repetition with it.

In help file section 3.4.1, the %4 & %5 parameters are defined simply as "Name" and "Extension." But the sentence just above explains the "file name and extension information will be blank" when in a directory window. So these are clearly meant to be file name and extension only.

For clarification I think the Help file definitions should be changed to "File name" and File extension," and these should always be blank when in Directory Mode.

- John

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