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[ZEP] Option for standards Windows times to be shown   [ZEP]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Sep 03,2016 at 12:38

This is the second thing I also mentioned down a previous thread. It seems really important to me, and I really don't understand why other people don't have an issue with it. Anyway, this will be my second and last ZEP for quite some time, so bear with me.

Currently ZTreeWin uses the (IMHO really bad) Command Prompt way of converting file timestamps to dates and times. What this does is show a different time (and date if close to midnight) for files if you currently have DST in force than otherwise. Note that's when you look at the file, not when the timestamp was written. Hence a file that currently shows as being last written at 0:35 on 3/3/16 will show as 23:35 on 2nd Mar when DST stops being in effect. This is what the Command Prompt does, but not what Windows will show you. The file was actually last written at 23:35 on the 2nd so teh date shown by ZTree is of little use to me.

I can't imagine why I'd ever want the time/date for a file to be adjusted depending on when I view it. So what I'd like to propose is an option to use the Windows method of converting timestamps for display.



P.S. apologies of either of these were likely to happen anyway, but both are causing me issues right now and I thought were of enough significance to mention.

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